What Images Convert Best on Social Media Ads?


Do you want positive, engaging pictures that convert?

This week a client asked me, “What sort of pictures convert best on Facebook ads?” It’s not something I’ve ever given any thought so I did what any self-respecting detective would do, and I googled it.

I don’t think it will be any surprise that the overwhelming consensus from a rudimentary search was…   Happy Women.

“The best types of images to use in Facebook advertising are of happy women. Women who look overjoyed, free and are looking directly at the camera convert best. Also, try images of women who joyfully have their arms in the air.

Images of women can tie into almost any product like health, nutrition, wellness, etc. Financial institutions like banks could use an image of a happy woman and tie it to the idea of getting freedom from services charges or getting freedom from a mortgage sooner.”

Mona Elesseily

I knew I must have been doing something right. I’ve been photographing smiling, happy people looking at the camera all my life, I would guess that at least half of those people were women.

So if you want positive, engaging pictures that are most likely to grab attention, look down the barrel of the lens and smile!

Happy Woman Smiling directly at the camera engaging, positive image

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